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How to start playing Battlefield 3?

  1.  Create an account at and activate it through the email they send you. If you don’t see it in your inbox, check SPAM.
  2. Download and overwrite the following files in the bf3 client:
  3.  Download, install and run the zclient.exe
    1. Put the credentials of the accounts created and activated before.
      • Example ZClient.exe
    2. Notice that at the bottom of the Zclient it says Battlefield3 as shown in the photo. If it does not appear, it is registry problems. (Check frequent problems).
  4. Download and install the launcher (34h launcher).
    1. It remains to configure the 34h, we begin by clicking on the gear icon.
    1. We select where the ZClient.exe is installed.
    2. We activate these 3 options as shown in the image and then we restart the 34h.

The Battlefield3 does not appear in the ZClient.exe

  1. Can be problems with the registers. We download these registers.
  2. We open with notepad and edit the address where we have the root folder of the game. Always checking that they are \ and they are 2 \\, we just have to edit the address.
  3. In both registers we edit the same and then we execute them with the zclient.exe closed.
  4. Done with this, this problem should be solved.

When connecting to a server, the screen stays black?

  1. Problem with the server:
    • How to know if it is the server, then testing on another server and if it enters this one, then all that remains is to wait for that instance to be restarted so that the problem is solved
  2. Problem with your client:
    • If it’s not the server, it’s your client, download and overwrite these files in your client and that’s it
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