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In what modalities can you team up?

Currently the modalities to team up are: UHC Duos, Team SkyWars/Speed, EggWars/Speed, Survival, SkyBlock, ArenaPvP, BuildBattle Duos, The Bridge Duos, BedWars Duos.

Can you use visual mods that don't affect the game, just make it more beautiful?

Of course! As long as said mod does not give you advantages, it is perfectly usable.

Where is UniversoCraft hosted?


Is it legal to tpakil, steal and plotkill?

Yes, they are completely legal since we, the Staff’s, are not in charge or responsible for what the players do with their things, they are all responsible for their actions.

Is it possible to buy rank on the server without debit/credit cards?

But of course!, the server store has payment methods …… (Coming Soon…)

Can a temporary ban given by a staff be appealed?

No, these bans cannot be appealed unless the sanction was given incorrectly or it was a mistake.

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